Lost children found alive in the Amazon

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In an amazing and heartwarming story, four young children have been discovered safe and sound after more than a month of being lost in the Amazon rainforest. Colombian President Gustavo Petro called them “children of the jungle” because they learned to survive like the indigenous people who live there.

The children had gone missing after a plane crash that sadly took their mother’s life. But after 40 days of searching, they were finally found! President Petro said their bravery and resourcefulness would be remembered in history.

The children were all found together, and it was the cries of the youngest child that helped the rescuers locate them. They were weak and tired, unable to keep moving like they did at the beginning.

President Petro shared a photo on Twitter showing the rescue team taking care of the children in a clearing in the forest. The whole country celebrated the wonderful news! The children’s grandmother, María Fátima Valencia, eagerly awaited their return to their hometown of Villavicencio. She couldn’t wait to hug them and thank everyone involved in finding them.

Before they were taken to the capital city of Bogota, the children were checked by doctors to make sure they were okay. The Colombian Air Force used a special airplane with doctors on board to bring them to a military hospital. They will receive more care and attention there.

The Defense Minister, Ivan Velasquez, praised the Colombian military and the indigenous communities for their help in finding the children. President Petro mentioned that the children were weak and hungry, so they would be given food and checked by doctors to make sure they were feeling better.

This incredible story of survival in the Amazon rainforest shows us how strong and brave these children are. They learned important skills from the indigenous people and used their knowledge to stay safe. We are all amazed and inspired by their courage and resilience. Let’s send them our best wishes for their recovery and future happiness!

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