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KiwiRail relocates to Upper Hutt

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KiwiRail, the train network in New Zealand, has some exciting news! They are improving their train control operations to make them even safer and more efficient. The current control centre in Wellington will be moved to Upper Hutt. This decision was made because they learned important lessons from earthquakes in Christchurch and Kaikōura.

The new location in Upper Hutt is much safer and less risky. The current centre was too close to a fault line, but the new place has fewer risks from things like tsunamis or ground shaking. It’s important to have a strong and resilient control centre for train safety.

KiwiRail is not only moving the centre but also upgrading its computer system. The old system is 25 years old, so they are replacing it with a new, more advanced one. This will help them automate processes, make things safer, and keep the trains running smoothly.

The new train control centre will be in a special building called the Bubble Building at the Blue Mountains Campus. It’s a big space with a control room where everything will be monitored. KiwiRail has signed a lease for 25 years, so they’ll be there for a long time!

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