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Kiwi Car Builder Wins Global Hot Wheels Competition

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In an impressive triumph, Chris Watson from Northland, New Zealand, secured the global title in the 2023 Hot Wheels Legends Tour. His creation, nicknamed ‘Chimera,’ a modified 1990 Mazda MX-5, will now be transformed into an actual Hot Wheels model and distributed worldwide.

Built in his Kaiwaka shed, Chimera showcases a dystopian aesthetic inspired by Japanese ‘Kaido Racer’ car culture and the cyberpunk genre. The car features a custom-made carbon fibre shark fin spoiler, 100mm fender flares, and a futuristic rear light bar. The interior boasts cyberpunk-style LED lighting, a smoked-acrylic switch panel, and a custom-mounted ‘cyberdeck’ over the passenger seat.

Watson expressed his astonishment at the result, emphasising the importance of encouraging creativity in car building without the need for an elaborate shop or a massive budget.

Mattel’s Vice President and Global Head of Design for Vehicles, Ted Wu, highlighted that Watson’s victory exemplifies the essence of the Hot Wheels Legends Tour. He commended Watson’s inspirational journey from rural New Zealand to earning a spot in the Hot Wheels Garage of Legends, considering Chimera a fantastic addition to this prestigious collection.

Chimera will soon be immortalized as a 1:64 Hot Wheels vehicle and join the esteemed Hot Wheels Garage of Legends.