Is playing sports over summer good?

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Over summer, our schedules are jam-packed. That’s a given, but are young people too busy? Often you will hear your parents going on and on about how much sport training, games, and practices take up their weekly plans. Let’s be real, your parents are basically your own taxi driver, taking you around town to all of your various activities. But should we actually stop playing sports over summer?

One of the main problems with playing sports through summer is the added stress. Sometimes, sports have countless training and practices every single week, adding up to the amount of prep and work that we used to get to these. Sport can be stressful in many ways, such as the pressure of winning, the expectation of being at every training, Parents and coaches demands, and even small little requirements of kids. Stress can lead to a bad sleep-schedule, anxiety, and even sometimes emotional outbursts.

Too much sports can result in injuries. You might have heard the saying, ‘don’t overdo it’, which can relate to sports. One of the most common injuries with kid’s sport is a shoulder injury. This can be from cricket, tennis, squash, basketball, overhead sports, etc. Many kids in our day-and-age just brush injuries off, rest, see the physio, and then good as gold to play again. However, in the long run, injuries stay with you for life and can show when you are older.

On the other hand, playing sports over summer is the way to go. It gives you things to do, things to look forward to, and things to prepare for. What more could you ask for? Scientists show that playing sports regularly improves children’s overall emotional wellbeing and can boost your energy. Along with this, playing sports over summer can provide an excellent opportunity to socialize with people who you may not have met before and can develop skills like teamwork, sportsmanship, and collaboration. These qualities are not only valuable on the field but also in everyday life. Building strong relationships with teammates makes a sense of belonging that can last a lifetime.

In conclusion, the debate around whether or not summer sports is key raises interesting conversations. While the demands of training and the pressure to excel can contribute to added stress and even injuries, the benefits of staying active and engaged in sports during the summer is important. It is important to find the right balance in between which suits you. I’m sure you’ll find it.

Critical Thinking Questions
– Do you play sports, if so, what challenges do you face? How can you prevent those challenges?
– Do you think that you should play sports over the summer, why?
– How can we make sure we stay safe while enjoying our favorite sports during the summer?

Practical Thinking Questions
– Design a weekly schedule with trainings and sports games for you that has the right balance
– Discuss with your partner about your weekly sport schedule, and try to figure out if either of you need to change anything in your schedule to find the right balance
– Brainstorm How can you strike a balance between staying active and engaged in sports over the summer while managing the potential stress and risk of injuries?

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