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Double World Record in Cooking Marathons

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Alan Fisher, an Irish chef and owner of Kyojin Stewhouse in Matsue, Shimane Prefecture, Japan, recently accomplished not one but two impressive feats in the world of cooking marathons.

Guinness World Records officially recognised Fisher for achieving the “longest cooking marathon (individual)” by spending an incredible 119 hours and 57 minutes in his kitchen. This triumph surpassed the previous record of 93 hours and 11 minutes set by Nigerian chef Hilda Baci earlier in the year.

Remarkably, Fisher didn’t stop there. Just two days after his first record, he embarked on another culinary journey, attempting the “longest baking marathon (individual).” After an astounding 47 hours and 21 minutes of continuous baking, he clinched the record, surpassing the previous time of 31 hours and 16 minutes set by American Wendy Sandner.

Expressing his gratitude, Fisher acknowledged the crucial role played by local residents in supporting his record attempts. He emphasized the importance of his efforts being for human consumption and credited the success of his attempts to the people of Matsue for rallying behind and supporting his extraordinary challenges.

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