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International Cat Day

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International Cat Day is observed on August 8th every year. This day aims to raise awareness about the holistic care of cats and their positive impact on human health and cognitive functionality.

Started by the International Fund for Animal Welfare in 2002, International Cat Day promotes the well-being of cats and encourages cat owners to strengthen their bond with their feline companions. The day emphasizes the importance of daily playtime for cats to enhance their mental health and overall wellness, similar to how dogs require regular walks.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare uses this day to advocate for the adoption of stray cats and focuses on improving the lives of all cats, including those without homes. International Cat Care is the official custodian of International Cat Day.

A recent survey by International Cat Care revealed that a significant percentage of cat owners do not engage in daily play with their cats using interactive toys. The organization aims to change this by promoting the value of daily playtime in enhancing the quality of life for cats.

Overall, International Cat Day serves as a reminder to appreciate and care for our feline friends and encourages responsible ownership and welfare practices.

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