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Gerry Brownlee named Speaker of Parliament

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Gerry Brownlee has been elected as the Speaker of the House in New Zealand.

The Speaker role is very important as they serve as the referee of Parliament.

The position of Speaker is very important. The person is the highest officer elected by the House of Representatives and ranks as the third most important role in Parliament, following the Governor-General and the Prime Minister.

Brownlee takes over from Labour’s Adrian Rurawhe, who now returns to the opposition benches. Traditionally, the Speaker is a member of the main governing party, and securing majority support from across Parliament is necessary for election to this esteemed position.

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon, during the announcement of the coalition government’s agreements, confirmed that Brownlee would be the nominee of the three governing parties.

Brownlee, in preparation for his selection, engaged with opposition parties. Although Te Pāti Māori nominated Rurawhe for the role, Rurawhe declined. With no other nominations, Brownlee successfully secured the position.

In outlining his vision for the role, Brownlee emphasized his commitment to protecting MPs’ rights to speak freely and conduct their business unimpeded throughout the country.