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‘Forever Chemicals’ maybe banned from cosmetics

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Did you know that some of the chemicals in cosmetics can be dangerous to your health and the environment?

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) in New Zealand is proposing to ban ‘forever chemicals’ from cosmetics. These toxic PFAS chemicals are used to make makeup more spreadable, shiny, and water-resistant. But did you know that these chemicals can also build up in the environment and our bodies, causing several health issues like cancer, and immune and cholesterol problems?

Professor Sally Gaw, an environmental science expert, said that people tend to have their favourite products and use them all the time without knowing what harmful chemicals are in them.

But don’t worry, the EPA is taking action to protect us from these harmful chemicals. They are proposing a ban on PFAS in cosmetics, which would mean that fewer people would be exposed to these chemicals. The EPA wants this ban in place by the end of 2025.

The cosmetics industry has a history of putting alarming compounds in its products. The banned list of chemicals in makeup runs to almost 1700 chemicals.

But don’t worry, there are alternatives for manufacturers to use in their makeup products that are safe for us and the environment.

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