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Everton Hit With 10-Point Deduction

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Premier League club Everton has been hit with a significant blow as they face a 10-point deduction in the Premier League after breaching league rules. This marks the largest points deduction ever given to a team for violating Premier League regulations, dropping Everton from 14th to 19th place with only four points.

The investigation into Everton’s actions revealed violations of Premier League rules regarding sustainability and profit. The club, expressing shock and disappointment, plans to challenge the decision.

An independent commission conducted the investigation, concluding that Everton exceeded the allowable spending limit.

Premier League teams are restricted to a loss of £105 million during one playing season, and Everton was found to have exceeded this by £19.5 million. The commission highlighted overspending on new players, insufficient player sales, and a lower-than-predicted league finish as contributing factors.

Last season, Everton finished 17th, narrowly avoiding relegation. The commission’s chosen punishment for the club is a 10-point deduction in the Premier League standings.