Eminem launches pasta sauce

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Eminem, the renowned hip-hop artist, has unveiled his latest venture, a line of pasta sauce called “Mom’s Spaghetti.”

This quirky release is inspired by a famous line from his 2002 hit “Lose Yourself,” where he raps about “his palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, there’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti.”

The rapper, who owns a popular Detroit eatery also named “Mom’s Spaghetti,” decided to bring his signature pasta sauce to fans’ homes. The eatery serves a variety of dishes, including Spaghetti with Toasted Garlic Bread, Spaghetti with Beef or Vegan Meatballs, and a S’ghetti Sandwich, all based on Slim Shady’s childhood favorites.

Fans can now pre-order a 25-ounce jar of Mom’s Spaghetti sauce for $13 or get a two-pack for $25 via the website momsspaghetti.com. The website provides cooking instructions to ensure the perfect Mom’s Spaghetti experience at home.

Curt Catallo, the co-owner of the restaurant, has been clear that the eatery offers a unique take on pasta, stating, “It’s not the kind of pasta you’d expect if your grandma came from Italy on a boat… it’s more like the spaghetti you’d know if your mom came from Michigan on a bus.”

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