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Eleven-year-old astronomy author sells hundreds of books

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An 11-year-old aspiring astronomer and author, Aston, has reached a significant milestone by selling over 700 copies of his book titled “Things About Space.”

Aston, who penned the book at the tender age of eight, has a profound passion for the cosmos. The proceeds from his book sales have been generously donated to a charity dedicated to astronomy, reflecting his commitment to both his interest and philanthropy.

Aston’s achievement caught the attention of British astronaut Tim Peake, who not only reached out to the young author but also signed a copy of his book, adding a special touch to Aston’s journey.

The book’s popularity soared beyond Aston’s immediate circle, finding its way into numerous schools and necessitating a second edition due to the original version selling out.

Aston’s enthusiasm for space is not just about exploring the universe through words; he harbors ambitions of venturing into space himself someday. Despite facing challenges like ADHD and autism, Aston’s determination led him to create an accessible version of his book. By incorporating QR codes on each page, readers can listen to an audio rendition, making “Things About Space” inclusive for children who are neurodivergent or have reading difficulties.

Aston’s story is not just about his fascination with space; it’s a testament to his perseverance, creativity, and desire to share his passion with others, making him an inspiration to both children and adults alike.

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