Ed Sheeran WOWs despite technical issues

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Ed Sheeran’s concerts at Eden Park were nothing short of spectacular.

The rotating stage, impressive light displays, and guitar-pick shaped screens created a colorful and mesmerizing atmosphere.

Ed’s electrifying performance left the 50,000-strong audience singing, dancing, and thoroughly entertained.

Kicking off with “Tides” from his latest album “Equals“, Ed quickly had the crowd on their feet with renditions of “I’m a Mess” and “Don’t“.

Unfortunately, technical difficulties during the first night caused a crackle in his sound system, forcing Ed to perform acoustic. Despite this setback, the audience continued to have a great time, entertained by a Mexican wave while Ed was gone.

After three unsuccessful attempts to fix the sound, Ed took the stage with a touch of disappointment, but quickly apologized to the audience. He stated that “We are going to end the gig in a special way with lots of songs that aren’t meant to be sung this way”.

He then promised to end the night in a special way, performing a number of songs acoustic. The night ended on a high note with “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You” accompanied by a stunning firework display, leaving the crowd ecstatic.

Overall, Ed Sheeran’s performances at Eden Park were unforgettable and will be remembered by fans for years to come.

Did you go to the Ed Sheeran concert? If so, let us know your favourite song in the comments below.

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