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Doritos create chip silencer

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Chip giant Doritos has introduced a revolutionary solution to tackle the distracting sounds of crunching during gaming sessions. Aptly named the “Chip Silencer,” this cutting-edge technology is a free app developed in collaboration with Smooth Technology, promising gamers a quieter and more focused gaming experience.

The app, compatible with any device that accepts a microphone, effectively cancels out the sounds of chip munching, offering relief to both gamers and their fellow players.

A recent survey conducted by Doritos revealed that 90 percent of gamers snack while playing, with chips being the most bothersome noise for the majority of respondents. The Chip Silencer, created by Dylan Fashbaugh and his team at Smooth Technology, has been designed to keep voice chats clear while gamers indulge in their favorite snacks.

The AI software behind the Chip Silencer was trained exclusively on Doritos but surprisingly works on other crunch sounds, including different chip varieties, crackers, and raw vegetables. The technology aims to separate the sounds of voices and crunches, providing a seamless gaming experience.