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Digital declaration now available for all international travellers to NZ

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International travelers heading to New Zealand now have a smoother way to enter the country, thanks to a new digital declaration system.

This system, which replaces the old paper forms, is designed for everyone arriving by air or sea, including cruise ship passengers and crew.

With this digital option, you can provide all the necessary information for Customs, Immigration, and biosecurity purposes right from your device. This includes health details if needed. It’s a big change that started for air travelers in August 2023 and has now been extended to those arriving by sea.

This move towards digital makes arriving in New Zealand more straightforward. You’ll find it guides you through what needs to be declared, making the process faster and helping you understand the rules.

Customs and biosecurity officials are excited about this change. It means they can get the information they need more quickly, allowing them to focus on protecting New Zealand’s unique environment and economy from biosecurity risks.

When you fill out your digital declaration, you’ll include things like your passport details, where you’re staying in New Zealand, your travel history, and what you’re bringing into the country. You can do this easily online or through the NZTD app.

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