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Day of protests against government’s Māori policies

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Protests have been carried out around New Zealand in response to the government’s Māori policies.

The demonstrations, which occurred across New Zealand on the 5th December, coincided with the swearing-in ceremony for MPs marking the commencement of the 54th Parliament.

These demonstrations were organized by political party Te Pāti Māori. The action is a response to a series of co-governance-related policies announced last week by the newly formed National-led coalition government. The Nationwide Action Day coincided with the commencement of the 54th term of Parliament.

Police reports affirm that this morning’s gatherings were largely peaceful, and most groups dispersed without incident. However, there were instances of traffic disruption in several areas across the North Island.

A significant gathering of about 300 vehicles occurred in Auckland, leading to one arrest after a vehicle failed to stop for police near Esmonde Road, SH1. Additionally, a woman was arrested for disorderly behavior on SH1 near Orams Road.

In Wellington City, 500-800 protesters gathered on Bolton Street and marched to Parliament grounds via The Terrace. This caused some traffic congestion, but the situation resolved quickly after the protesters reached Parliament.

In Whangārei, approximately 500 people participated in a hikoi through central areas, resulting in no arrests, enforcement action, or significant disruptions.

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