Crocodile swings from an Elephants tail

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Oh boy, do we have a story for you!

So, there was this crocodile, right? And it thought it was tough stuff, ready to take on any animal in sight. But then it met its match… an elephant! Yeah, you heard that right. This croc was all like “I got this,” but as soon as it chomped down on the elephant, it realized it may have bitten off more than it could chew. Literally!

Thankfully, a safari guide named Emmanuel Sauti was there to capture it all on camera. Can you imagine how crazy that must have been? They were just driving back to camp, minding their own business, when suddenly they saw this epic battle happening in the Luangwa River. It was like something straight out of a movie.

And let me tell you, this was not your average fight. Crocs usually go for small prey, like little antelope and fish. But this croc had some serious guts to try and take on an elephant! Maybe it was just really hungry or maybe it was feeling super ambitious that day, who knows?

But here’s the best part: the elephant wasn’t having any of it. It swung that crocodile around like it was a toy and then crossed the river like it was no big deal. Whew, talk about a close call! Emmanuel was probably feeling all sorts of emotions, from scared to thrilled to relieved.

As a safari guide, Emmanuel has seen some pretty incredible things in his time. But this one definitely takes the cake. It’s not every day that you get to witness an elephant fighting a crocodile! These kinds of sightings are super rare and precious, so Emmanuel felt extra grateful to have seen it. And who knows, maybe that crocodile learned its lesson and won’t be picking any more fights with elephants anytime soon.

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  3. Ok, the elephant was having a bad day and then something bit him on the tail, if I were the elephant I would definitely do the same thing. If I were the Crocodile I would only bit a little bit of the elephants tail. Overall it was funny to hear about.

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