Courtney Duncan breaks motocross record

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Courtney Duncan, New Zealand’s incredible motocross rider, has just set a new record and won not one, but two races at the Women’s Motocross World Championship in France!

Courtney soared to victory in the thrilling second race held in Villars-sous-Écot. She left her Italian competitor, Kiara Fontanesi, trailing behind by seven seconds! Courtney also triumphed in the first race, proving she’s an unstoppable force!

Courtney has now achieved a sensational milestone by winning a total of 22 Grand Prix races. She has beaten her longtime rival, the six-time world champion Kiara Fontanesi, and claimed the title for herself!

Courtney, who has been crowned a three-time world champion, is on fire this season. Just a couple of weeks ago, she blazed through the races in Spain, winning both of them and claiming the top spot in this year’s championship standings.

During Sunday morning’s race, the 27-year-old speed demon from Dunedin showed her dominance on the track. Riding her powerful Kawasaki bike, she zoomed past the competition, finishing nearly 30 seconds ahead of Fontanesi. Even when faced with challenging conditions and a little tumble in the middle of the race, Courtney rallied back and snatched her fourth victory in just seven races.

So, kids, get inspired by Courtney Duncan’s incredible motocross journey. She’s breaking records, winning races, and showing us all what it means to be fearless and determined. Keep your eyes on this motocross superstar because she’s unstoppable!

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