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COP28: A Super Important Climate Meeting in Dubai!

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In a historic address at COP28, King Charles III has asked 167 world leaders to confront the urgent realities of climate change.

Held in Dubai from November 30 to December 12, the COP28 Summit focuses on devising global solutions to combat rising temperatures and environmental threats. King Charles III, the sole head of state invited to speak, emphasized the alarming trajectory the world is on regarding climate action.

He highlighted the pivotal nature of COP28, urging leaders to view it as a transformative opportunity. Expressing concern that Earth is “dreadfully far off track,” King Charles III posed critical questions to businesses and nations on their role in addressing the climate crisis. Commending the contributions of young minds and indigenous communities, he concluded by stressing, “The Earth does not belong to us. We belong to the Earth.”

On the summit’s inaugural day, a groundbreaking decision was made to establish a fund aiding countries vulnerable to climate-induced disasters. Notably, the EU, UK, US, and others promptly pledged a substantial $400 million, deviating from the customary last-minute negotiations.

This commitment is seen as a catalyst for broader climate agreements during COP28, marking a significant stride towards global environmental stewardship.