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Chris Luxon sworn in as new Prime Minister

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New Zealand’s new government, led by Prime Minister Christopher Luxon, was sworn in on Monday, signaling a shift from six years of a Labour government.

New Zealand Governor General Cindy Kiro, who represents British monarch King Charles III as head of state, led the ceremony. She swore National Party leader Christopher Luxon in as New Zealand’s 42nd prime minister along with ministers of his cabinet at Government House in Wellington.

Luxon, the leader of the National Party, expressed excitement about taking on the role and emphasized the team’s clear policy program for the next three years.

The coalition agreements, signed with ACT New Zealand and New Zealand First, outlined several policy plans. These include proposing a new mandate for the central bank, rolling back the use of the Maori language, and ending the ban on oil and gas exploration.

These policy shifts mark a significant transition in New Zealand’s political landscape and set the stage for debates and discussions as the new government begins its term.