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Chris Hipkins sworn in as Prime Minister

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We are know that Chris Luxon and National won the last election. However, in a strange twist of incidents, Chris Hipkins has been re-sworn in as Prime Minster.

Christopher Luxon and Chris Hipkins have jointly decided to extend the current caretaker government arrangements in New Zealand until the formation of a new government.

Chris Hipkin’s role as caretaker Prime Minister was supposed to run until 12 November. However, due to ongoing recounts and negotiations to establish a new government, the caretaker period will be extended.

According to Hipkins, the plan was for the current ministers must leave office by 11:59 pm on Saturday, November 11, as per the Constitution Act. To address the situation, he wrote to Governor-General Cindy Kiro, advising her to reappoint the current ministry to operate in caretaker mode until the new government is established.

This transitional arrangement is normal when a new government comes in.