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Bob the Builder film to be made by Jennifer Lopez

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Bob the Builder is jumping out of the TV and onto the big movie screen, and guess who’s helping make it happen? None other than Jennifer Lopez!

That’s right, the superstar who sings and acts is going to be a co-producer for a brand-new Bob the Builder film. And there’s a cool twist – the movie is going to be set in Puerto Rico, the beautiful island that Jennifer Lopez calls her ancestral home.

Now, hold onto your hard hats, because Bob, also known as Roberto in this movie, is going to be voiced by Anthony Ramos. You might know him from the musical “Hamilton.” He’s not just lending his voice; he’s also helping produce the movie. So, it’s going to be super special.

Mattel, the big toy company that owns Bob the Builder, is super excited. They made Barbie come to life in a movie last year, and now it’s Bob’s turn. They promise this film will explore the heart of building and creating things, all while shining a spotlight on the vibrant culture of Caribbean Latin nations.

For those who might not know, Bob the Builder started fixing things on TV back in 1999 and has been a favorite for many kids around the world. He’s always ready with his famous line, “Can we fix it? Yes, we can!” and teaches everyone about working together with friends, both human and machine, to solve problems.

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