Barbie movie causes a worldwide shortage of pink paint

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The production of Warner Bros.’ highly anticipated “Barbie” film has reportedly led to a worldwide shortage of pink paint. The movie’s extravagant use of the color has left one company’s supply completely depleted, according to insiders.

Rosco, a renowned supplier of paints with strong ties to the film and television industry, revealed the startling revelation. Lauren Proud, the Vice President of Global Marketing at Rosco, shared the surprising details in an interview with The Times on Friday.

“They used up all the paint we had,” Proud stated, referring specifically to the company’s fluorescent pink paint, which was employed to create the enchanting sets for the movie’s fictional world, Barbieland.

Sarah Greenwood, the film’s production designer and a six-time Oscar nominee, spoke to Architectural Digest earlier this week about the massive amounts of pink paint required for the film’s extravagant sets. During the interview, Greenwood boldly claimed that the movie had caused a worldwide shortage of pink.

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