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Air guitar kangaroo wins photo competition

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The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are back, and this year the grand prize goes to Australian photographer Jason Moore for his photo entitled “Air Guitar Roo.”

Moore’s hilarious photo captures the moment a young female Western Grey Kangaroo appeared to be jamming out on an invisible guitar with his eyes closed in bliss. The photo was taken in a field filled with kangaroos hopping around clusters of flowers in the suburbs of Perth, Australia.

Moore said he was out with his camera photographing some waterfowl at a nearby lake when he decided to take a detour past the field of kangaroos. He’s glad he did, because that’s when he snapped the winning photo.

Moore said that kangaroos are usually “fairly docile and even a bit boring most of the time,” but this one was clearly feeling the music.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are chosen from thousands of submissions every year. This year’s winner was chosen from over 5,300 entries submitted by photographers from 85 countries.

Moore said he is honored to win the award and hopes his photo brings a smile to people’s faces.