500 people missing from refugee boat in Greece

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Distressing news has emerged regarding a migrant boat that sank off the coast of Greece, with up to 500 people still missing, according to the UN refugee agency. The tragic incident resulted in the loss of 78 lives, including a significant number of women and children. Spokesperson Jeremy Laurence expressed deep concern over the “horrific tragedy” and emphasized the urgency of holding people smugglers accountable for their actions.

The devastating loss of life serves as a stark reminder of the importance of search and rescue operations at sea, which are both a legal and humanitarian imperative. In a joint statement with the International Organization for Migration, the refugee agency stressed the critical need for proactive search and rescue measures to prevent further loss of life.

The role of the Greek coastguard has come under scrutiny since the incident occurred approximately 50 nautical miles off Pylos in southern Greece. Greece’s caretaker prime minister, Ioannis Sarmas, has pledged a thorough investigation to determine the cause of the boat’s sinking. Reports suggesting that a rope attached by coastguards led to the sinking have been denied by Greek officials. Two survivors have described the highly crowded boat veering from side to side before the tragic event.

As the search for the missing individuals continues, it is a heartbreaking reminder of the dangers faced by migrants seeking better lives and the urgent need for international cooperation to address the root causes of such perilous journeys. The focus now lies on providing support to the survivors, investigating the incident thoroughly, and ensuring that measures are in place to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

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