Yellow dust causing issues in Asia

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Have you ever heard of yellow dust? It’s been causing a lot of problems in countries like China, South Korea, and Japan recently. This yellow dust comes from sandstorms in the Gobi desert, which is a huge desert that borders China and Mongolia. Sandstorms happen more and more often because of rising temperatures and low levels of rain.

The dust can be really dangerous for people to breathe in because the particles are small enough to get into their lungs. It can cause breathing problems and make air pollution worse. In fact, during the most recent sandstorm, the concentration of fine dust was over 46 times more than what the World Health Organization recommends in China’s capital city, Beijing.

Even though the yellow dust is a big problem, there isn’t really anything people can do to avoid it. Some people, like a teacher named Eom Hyeojung from Seoul, just have to send their kids to school anyway. Other people have been staying inside more to avoid breathing in the dust.

Earlier this year, there were also sandstorms in Europe from the Saharan desert. It’s a big problem in many parts of the world, and we need to find ways to protect ourselves from the dangers of the dust.

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