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World’s largest ruby sold in auction

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The largest ruby ever to be auctioned was recently sold in New York for a record-breaking sum of NZ$56.8 million. Sotheby’s, the auction house responsible for the sale, described the 55.22-carat gem as a “once-in-a-lifetime” jewel.

The ruby was originally discovered in a mine in Mozambique, known for its extensive ruby deposits in the northern part of the country. The rough stone from which the gem was cut weighed an impressive 101 carats.

Polished rubies exceeding five carats in size are exceptionally rare, making this gem even more extraordinary. The remarkable stone was named “Estrela de Fura,” meaning “Star of Fura” in Portuguese, after the mine where it was found.

Sotheby’s announced that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Estrela de Fura will be allocated by Fura to establish an academy providing technical training in mining, engineering, carpentry, and agriculture.

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