Thieves steal 200 right footed sneakers

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In a bizarre incident in central Peru, a group of thieves managed to steal over 200 sneakers from a shoe store. However, they were unaware that they had taken only right-foot sneakers, leaving behind all the left-foot ones.

The reported theft occurred in the early hours of Sunday, April 30, in Huancayo, the capital city of the Junín region. According to Diario Correo, a national newspaper covering Peruvian and global news, security cameras captured three individuals breaking into the shoe store around 3:30 a.m. The thieves were seen carrying three large boxes filled with approximately 220 popular name-brand sneakers.

To transport their loot, the thieves reportedly used a tricycle and brought along padlock cutters for their nefarious task, as per Diario Correo’s report. It took them multiple attempts and about an hour to successfully break into the store.

The stolen merchandise is estimated to be worth around $13,000, even though only the right-foot sneakers were taken, leaving the left-foot counterparts behind, according to the outlet.

Authorities from the National Police of Peru are currently investigating the crime, aiming to locate both the culprits and the missing sneakers. Police Chief Eduan Díaz, in a statement provided to Peruvian media outlets, confirmed that evidence had been gathered at the scene. He expressed confidence in being able to identify the individuals through the footage and fingerprints obtained.

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