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Teenagers hair grows to 147-cm

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Sidakdeep Singh Chahal, a 15-year-old from Uttar Pradesh, India, has earned a Guinness World Record for having the longest hair on a male teenager, measuring an astonishing 147 cms.

Chahal’s hair, which he has never cut, holds great significance in his Sikh faith. Sikhs are encouraged to maintain long hair as a religious practice, viewing it as a gift from God. Typically, Chahal ties his lengthy locks in a bun and covers them with a traditional dastār, or turban.

For many of his family members, the extent of Chahal’s hair growth came as a surprise. “Many of my relatives were shocked to see how long it was,” he shared with Guinness World Records.

Maintaining such long hair is no small feat. Chahal dedicates at least an hour to washing his hair twice a week. With the help of his mother, the process is made more manageable; otherwise, it could take an entire day.

While he once contemplated the idea of trimming his hair as he grew older, Chahal has now resolved to continue growing it indefinitely. He stated, “I plan to keep my hair uncut until the day I die.”

Chahal’s remarkable dedication to his faith and the Guinness World Record recognition underscore the cultural and personal significance of hair in many societies worldwide.

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