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New Zealand may get bilingual signs

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New Zealand is getting ready to introduce bilingual traffic signs that include Te Reo Māori.

The program, called He Tohu Huarahi Māori, is a collaboration between Te Mātāwai and Waka Kotahi to make sure Te Reo Māori is seen and celebrated all around the country.

By adding Te Reo Māori to traffic signs, it is hoped to create a place where everyone can see and hear the language.

Reikura Kahi, who helps lead the program, says, “We want to make sure that Te Reo Māori is seen and that people in our communities can use it. It’s a special language, and we should celebrate it!” Adding Te Reo Māori to traffic signs will show how much we value and respect the language.

The proposed signs cover different types, like signs that tell us where to go, signs for public transport, signs for walking and biking, and even signs that warn us about things. It’s important to think about all the places where we see signs and make sure Te Reo Māori is there too!

He Tohu Huarahi Māori programme is supported by Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori the Māori Language Commission and Te Manatū Waka the Ministry of Transport.

This is an exciting step forward for Te Reo Māori. It will help make our country even more special by embracing our indigenous language.

New Zealand will soon have a chance to share our thoughts and ideas about these bilingual signs.

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