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New emoji’s unveiled

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Do you love using emojis to express your feelings? Well, get ready to add some new ones to your collection! Apple has just released 21 new emojis for you to use in their latest update, iOS 16.4.

These new emojis include a pink heart, a light blue heart, and a grey heart, which you can use to show your love. There’s also a shaking face that you can use to show surprise or lots of movement.

But that’s not all! There are also some fun new emojis like a pea pod, root ginger, angel wing, maracas, moose, donkey, and a khanda. Do you know what a khanda is? It’s a symbol of the Sikh faith.

Did you know that emojis are regulated by a group called the Unicode Consortium? They make sure that all the emojis are created in a fair and equal way. Then companies like Apple, Google, Samsung, and Twitter make their own versions of the emojis.

So, next time you want to add some fun to your texts or social media posts, try out some of these new emojis!

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