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Golriz Ghahraman resigns from Parliament

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Green Party Member of Parliament, Golriz Ghahraman, who has decided to resign from her job.

She has been in the news because she was accused of taking things from shops without paying, which happened three times. She shared that she’s been going through a lot of stress because of her work, which made her act in ways she normally wouldn’t. She’s seen a professional who helps with mental health and understands that she needs to focus on getting better.

She said she’s sorry for her actions and that they don’t match the high standards people expect from someone in Parliament. Golriz believes the best thing for her health is to leave Parliament and work on her recovery.

The leaders of the Green Party, Marama Davidson and James Shaw, said they are sad to see her leave and support her decision. They reminded everyone that Golriz worked hard for human rights and making sure New Zealand has its own voice in world matters. They also said they can’t talk much about the accusations while the police are looking into them.

The shops involved in the accusations are Scotties Boutique in Auckland and Cre8iveworx in Wellington. The police are investigating what happened, but they haven’t shared much information yet.

Golriz thanked one of the shops for being kind and understanding and asked for some privacy while she gets better.

Because Golriz is leaving, the next person on the Green Party list, Celia Wade-Brown, will take her place in Parliament.

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