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FAA clears California company’s flying car for takeoff

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Exciting news from California! Alef Aeronautics, a startup, has received clearance for takeoff from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its prototype flying car, known as the “Model A.”
This groundbreaking vehicle is the first of its kind that can both fly and drive on public roads, providing the convenience of parking like a regular car. The FAA has granted the Model A a special airworthiness certificate for research, development, and exhibition purposes.

While the FAA clarified that the Model A is not the first vehicle to receive such a certificate, Alef Aeronautics distinguishes itself by being the only vehicle takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL) capable of functioning as a regular car. This achievement brings Alef Aeronautics one step closer to its vision of providing a faster and environmentally friendly commuting option, saving individuals and companies valuable time.

The Model A has been under development since 2015 and drew inspiration from the futuristic technology depicted in the film “Back to the Future Part II,” which coincidentally features scenes set in the year 2015. Pre-orders for the Model A are now being accepted, and the company plans to officially launch the vehicle in 2025, with an estimated price of approximately $300,000.

It’s important to note that the Model A has not yet been certified for public road travel by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Nonetheless, this milestone achievement by Alef Aeronautics opens up exciting possibilities for the future of transportation.

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