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Digital art works from 30,000 artists to stored on the Moon

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The work of 30,000 artists, writers, filmmakers and musicians from 157 countries is going to be launched into space and stored on the moon.

The project called the Lunar Codex is made up of four different time capsules, filled with digital versions of art from Earth.

It’s like a time capsule filled with digital versions of their creations. There’s a portrait made from Lego, woodcuts from Ukraine, and poetry from every continent. It’s a way to share human creativity with the universe and inspire future generations. The project is divided into four capsules, and it’s a celebration of art and our unity as a global community.

One of the time capsules has already been launched into space during the Artemis 1 mission organized by NASA. It orbited around the Moon before returning to Earth. The next three capsules will be sent to the moon and stored in craters over the next few years.

The Lunar Codex holds the potential to inspire and captivate not only future generations on Earth but also any potential extraterrestrial beings who might encounter it. By sending these artistic expressions into space and preserving them on the moon, the project aims to transcend the boundaries of time and space, sharing our creative heritage with the universe. It’s a testament to humanity’s boundless imagination and its ability to create and appreciate art, even beyond the confines of our planet.

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