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Colour changing car

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Car company BMW has unveiled its plans for a colour-changing car.

They say that the newly designed car will be able to switch to over 30 different colours.

The announcement was made at the annual CES international tech show in America late last year.

The car, called the I Vision Dee, uses special electronic ink technology on the body panels which is the same tech you can normally find in e-readers.

The vehicle has 240 individual E Ink panels that can display up to 32 different colours. This enables people to create endless possibilities for different patterns!

BMW says that the idea behind the design is to provide people with the choice to come up with a car that can be adapted to suit their style, mood – or even outfit!

Not only that, the design only takes seconds to change.

The bad news is that the design is only a concept with no plans to produce the car at the moment.

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