Chinese company cooks up world record serving of smelly noodles

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A Chinese food company, Guangxi Luobawang Food Technology Co., recently achieved a Guinness World Record by creating the largest cup of instant rice noodles. This gigantic serving of instant luosifen, weighing a whopping 50 kg, was prepared in a 130 cm tall container.

Luosifen is a type of Chinese noodle dish that features boiled rice noodles served in a soup made from stewed river snails and pork bones. The soup is known for its unique aroma, which some liken to faecal (poo-like) odour, and it’s made with ingredients like vinegar, chili oil, peanuts, dried tofu skin, bean curd sticks, and sour bamboo shoots.

This record-breaking serving of luosifen was served to the company’s employees in their cafeteria.

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