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Bushfires hit Australia

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Bushfires are causing concern in New South Wales.

People are being asked to leave their homes due to the fires burning across the east coast. Fire services are warning that the situation could get worse as a severe heatwave continues. After two years of rain and floods, the state is facing its worst fires since the 2019-2020 Black Summer fires, which were some of Australia’s worst-ever natural disasters.

The fires started 250km (155 miles) northwest of Sydney due to strong winds that helped them spread rapidly. The NSW Rural Fire Service is concerned that dry thunderstorms across eastern NSW could spark new fires. On Tuesday, fire authorities reported that 33 fires were still burning across the state, and 10 of them were not under control. Firefighters have been battling flames as high as 10-15 meters (half a tennis court).

Australia usually sees bushfires during the summer months, but the fires in 2019 caused so much damage that it became known as the Black Summer. Temperatures in some parts of the state reached 40C on Monday, the highest temperature seen since January 2021. The situation has also been affected by La Niña, a climate phenomenon that significantly alters weather patterns worldwide.

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