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Black Friday deals

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Black Friday shopping has given shoppers around the world a treat in the lead up to Christmas.

Originally a U.S. tradition, the global phenomenon saw stores slashing prices, creating a buzz of excitement for savvy consumers. The week-long extravaganza, stretching into Cyber Monday, offered the perfect window to snag presents ahead of the festive season.

This year’s Black Friday in New Zealand saw a notable dip of around 10 percent in sales, as revealed by Retail NZ. Despite the downturn, enthusiastic shoppers navigated the enticing offers, with larger retailers initiating sales early, creating a dynamic retail landscape.

According to Carolyn Young, CEO of Retail NZ, economic factors, including rising interest rates, impacted consumers’ spending power, making wallets feel lighter compared to the previous year.

Nevertheless, Black Friday retained its status as a highlight in the shopping calendar, offering a thrilling blend of surprises and savings.