Ancient Egypt coming to New Zealand

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A spectacular exhibition featuring the largest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts has arrived in the country. Titled “Egypt: In the Time of Pharaohs,” this extraordinary display will be showcased at the Auckland War Memorial Museum, opening its doors to the public on Thursday.

The exhibition offers a captivating glimpse into the daily life of one of history’s most influential civilizations, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to explore over 300 ancient artifacts. Among the treasures are mummified remains, exquisite jewelry, and other fascinating objects, some of which date back an impressive 4500 years.

The aim of the exhibition is to transport visitors back in time, immersing them in the era of Egypt’s powerful pharaohs, legendary pyramids, and iconic art. Renowned Egyptologist and professor Regine Schulz, who played a vital role in curating the display, expressed the abundance of captivating artifacts on view. Visitors can marvel at ancient Egyptian pharaohs, including a remarkable head of a pharaoh from the first century, as well as stunning jewelry.

The exhibition features the mummified remains of Ta-Khar, a wealthy Egyptian woman who lived during the 25th Dynasty in Thebes, along with various adornments worn by ancient Egyptians. Intricate carved reliefs and statues depicting animals, deities, and pharaohs also grace the exhibition, adding to its allure and immersing visitors in the grandeur of ancient Egyptian civilization.

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