3000 year old sword found in Germany

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German archaeologists have made an extraordinary discovery—a remarkably well-preserved Bronze Age sword that is over 3000 years old. The find has left the researchers thrilled and eager to uncover more about its origin and significance.

The bronze sword, featuring an octagonal hilt, was unearthed in a grave located in the southern town of Nördlingen. It is believed to date back to the late 14th Century BC, making it a valuable artifact from the Bronze Age. What astonishes experts is the sword’s impeccable condition, described by Bavaria’s State Office for Monument Protection (BLfD) as being so well-preserved that it “almost still shines.”

Accompanying the sword in the grave were the remains of a man, woman, and a young boy, along with other bronze items. Although it is unclear whether the three individuals were related, the rarity of the discovery raises intriguing questions about the sword’s origins and the significance of its placement in the burial.

According to the BLfD, the manufacturing process of such a sword was complex, with the hilt being cast onto the blade. This suggests that the Nördlingen sword was not merely an ornamental piece but a genuine weapon, despite showing no signs of use in combat.

The discovery of this exceptionally well-preserved Bronze Age sword offers a unique glimpse into ancient history and provides archaeologists with valuable insights into the craftsmanship and culture of the time. As further research unfolds, it is hoped that this remarkable find will shed more light on the lives and customs of the people who lived during this period.

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