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Answer the secret question & go in the draw to win The Pizza Feast for your class. All on us!

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  1. This week we were grateful for the amazing weather we are having, and learning new things in a play we are doing. 🙂

  2. this week i am grateful for my dad getting some of the Nintendo Wii stuff

  3. I am super thankful that the teachers payed alot of money so we can go on camp.

  4. i am greatfull for you guys i love your videos and our class would very much want a pizza feast my class is room 10 arthur miller school

  5. This week I am grateful for not being sick because last week I missed school and our class one capture the flag for the first time in 3 years for rm 10 and I missed it

  6. I am thankful for being able to have friends to hangout with and being able to have food , clothes to wear and have shelter.

  7. Question what are you grateful for this week :
    This week I am grateful for winning the capture the flag because we have not had it in three years

  8. room 10 arthur miller school
    well my uncle and cousin vistited 7 days ago and we had a REALLY good time

    so PLEASE choose arthur miller school
    and that will become one of the most greatful things ever

  9. i am thankful for having friends
    (we have also never won the pizza feast)
    Arthur Miller School
    room 10
    from Hank Gerrie

  10. Im grateful for being able to wake up in the morning and live another day, see my family, see my friends smile, to be able to see the world for another day!

    Charlotte Mclay
    Room 5
    Havelock north intermediate

    Bye have a good day!

  11. Im grateful for being able to wake up in the morning and live another day, see my family, see my friends smile, to be able to see the world for another day!

    Room 5
    Havelock north intermediate

    Bye have a good day!

  12. Room 10 Always talk about having a ‘Gratitude attitude’.
    We are very grateful for Info Jam each week.
    We are grateful for our sport coaches as we train for out West Cluster tournament.
    We are grateful for our teacher who sets us up for cooking groups.
    We are grateful for our whanau.
    TAURIKO SCHOOL – Room 10

  13. Im grateful for info jam so we can have fun in class time and its funny to watch.

    Tauriko school room 10

  14. Georgia and Lucrece from Tauriko school in room 10 are grateful for…
    Our sports coaches for west cluster!
    Our parents for helping out in class!
    Our teacher for doing fun games with us!

  15. Taylor and Kynan from room 10 Tauriko school are great full for encouraging us to make a kindness culture.

  16. am grateful for info jam every week and my teacher and love doing school work an always love info jam and most of all my teacher for discovering this our the teacher is our hero of the week so is info jam your sincerely Ayla.

  17. I am grateful to have a life on earth and to go to school.
    From K6 Kahikatea 6 Emmanuel christian school.

  18. I am grateful for being at school and being here in New Zealand.
    Auckland point school
    111 Haven Road Nelson Nile Rua

  19. Room 8 is grateful for:
    A roof over our head
    To be able to watch info jam
    Taylor Swift getting a record
    Getting a soccer ball
    Having lots of space in our school
    the sunshine
    Having lots of stuff to play with in our school
    Our school
    Being able to get to school

  20. Things that Heartfelt H are grateful for…
    * Friends
    *Spring- warmer weather and sunshine! 🙂
    * School- our new tumuaki, Matua Jared
    *Our sports teams
    *Kiwi Kids weekly Kahoot

  21. This week i am grateful for touchwood fishing club beacause if it wasent for them i would probaly be dead because our boat broke down buy young nicks head and touchwood a came and saved us me my step dad and my two little sisters.

  22. congrats to miss Taylor! We all know youve been working really hard to get to the top and its finally happened you so deserve thisss

  23. i forgot

    i am also grateful for the info jam

    from Gus room 3 Belmont primary school Auckland.

  24. Hi, My name is Luna and I would be so grateful if you give my amazing, one of a kind class Pizza!
    I am grateful for all the things my fantastic family has provided for me.
    This week my dad took my whole family to a tree adventure place (You guys really should go)!
    I live in Auckland and go to Belmont primary school.

  25. Hi this is woody and I think the thing I am grateful is for my friends I just moved to new Zealand from Sydney. And the classroom I am from a class called room 3
    and hope we

    from woody

  26. I am grateful for my voice so that I can chant haka and sing waiata all Te reo Maori week. 🙂

    – Aurora College Invercargill
    – 8ML

  27. I am grateful that I moved houses on the weekend and that I am enjoying it so much
    I am also grateful for the teachers that are really nice and are working really hard to teach us kids
    The last thing I am grateful for is that I love watching the Info Jam each week making me happy

  28. I’m grateful that me and my family moved to a really really cool house.I’m grateful of swimming in our new pool.

  29. This week I am super thankful for family, friends, inventions, technology and God!
    From Kahikatea 6 (K6) @ Emmanuel Christian School.

  30. This week i am very grateful ☺️for:
    – My friends 👯‍♀️
    – Family 👨‍👩‍👧
    – Teachers 👩🏼‍🏫
    – School 🏫
    – Home 🏡
    – My bed 🛏️
    – food 🍱
    – And getting to be alive and well☺️

    Lucinda Taylor🩷

  31. I’m grateful for the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, and just life in general.

  32. At Glen Eden Intermediate in Room 25 we are grateful for the beautiful weather that we have been having lately meaning our school can open the pool for use at lunch time.

  33. I am grateful for a roof above my head also my family, food, support, and all the people in my life that have told me to do my best. Also living in a safe country and beautiful country with wonderful nature and my parents having the money for education, clothes, opportunities, and so much more.

  34. I am grateful for kiwi kids news, because I love learning about not only local news, but global news and discussing them with my classmates. My favourite things are info jams, because I struggle with reading and having people tell me the news is very helpful, It makes me feel relived because I can understand the news In a way I understand and that is easy for me to comprehend. My class are very privileged as we are one of the classes in Aotearoa that get the chance to trial the new kiwi kids news literacy booklet for term four. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into the info jams and quizzes. My class are always so excited to do the quizzes on Fridays. We appreciate everything you guys to to help our tamariki in New Zealand.

    Kristina (with help from Millie) – 7PJD Carmel college Milford Auckland NZ.

  35. I am so grateful for so many things especially this fantastic site and all the hard work you put into it. Thank you for the info jams where people can actually explain the news instead of me reading it. We are indulged by your doings for schools around New Zealand. Our class loves the quizzes and we always go in teams on our tables and whoever gets the most points wins lollies/pastries. Thank you for everything!!
    From Rachel Q from 7PJD, Carmel College, Auckland, New Zealand.
    Hope we win pizza (we would be grateful for that too!)

  36. I am grateful for a lot of things such as food and water and education but I am most grateful for kiwi kids news so that I can know the fascinating things going on around the world, and the info jams for the people who aren’t as great at reading so I’m thankful for the whole kiwi kids news team that work so hard to write all the articles each week and Lyds and Liam for their humor in info jam.

    from Evie from 7PJD Carmel Milford Auckland NZ

  37. I’m grateful for my classmates and how they’re always open for discussion especially about the recent articles published by the Kiwi Kids’ News team. it always encourages us to ask questions and be curious, which has proven to better our classes learning as a whole! I’m also grateful for my teacher who puts so much effort and time into assigning work for our class. Another example of this is recently she surprised us with the Kiwi Kids News Literacy Booklet, we feel so lucky to be able to take part in the testing and be one of the few classes in Aotearoa that had this fantastic and amazing! opportunity.
    Thanks for all of your hard work! 7PJD Carmel College

  38. hey Lyds and Liam! 🙂
    my class and me are so grateful for all the work you put in the videos
    and the quiz every Friday. We love your articles about world wide news!!!!!!
    we are so grateful that we are part of the VERY honored classes who get to use the new kiwi kids news literacy booklets for term 4 2023 :] we are super grateful for all of the hardwork that goes in to writing all of our favourite kiwi kids articles. ✨✨THANK YOU SO MUCH! ✨✨
    -Joss and Quinn
    7PJD carmel college auckland new zealand planet earth the galaxy in the milky way

  39. I really enjoy learning about Taylor Swift, this video taught me that Taylor Swift is not only a incredible singer but she is a incredible person.

  40. Hi! I think my class will really love a pizza party, and I also think they deserve it!
    I couldn’t tell if the secret question was what are you grateful for or how does a guitar go missing! lol. anyway, I am grateful for my house and family, my friends and my belongings i am very lucky to have.
    and I think Paul Mccartney’s guitar was either stolen or lost in either the basement of abbey road studios or the apple corps recording studio on saville row. I really hope that I can win this for my class! Kiwi kids news is completely new to me and my class, so to win in the first week of our work would be great!
    thanks! Queenie Wilkinson, Waikanae primary school, on the Kapiti Coast.

  41. I am grateful to start school again and i am also grateful because i am finaly felling better because i was sick

  42. we are thankful for great teachers and family that motavate us to step out of our comfort zone

  43. I am really grateful for God and all the amazing things he does for my family and I am also grateful for my parents and how much they support me in everything I do.

  44. i’m greatful for the roof over my head, the food on my table, and the money and love i get anywhere i go. I’m greatful for everything! I’m just disappointed that i didn’t win baymaths comp 2023, i came in top 20 though! who ever did please say your name and school!! it’ll be great to find people that i saw on 18 october!

  45. I am grateful for spending time with my cat while i could, and i am grateful that he is in a better place without any more kidney failiure suffering.

  46. I am grateful for my w rizz and for my house that i live in and for my parents that puts a roof
    over my head i am thankful for my friends to make me laugh and there, there. when im and i am grateful for food water and my lovely and my school to give me knowledge i am thankful for my teacher and my pets and my…………………….. W RIZZZZZZZZ

  47. hi im grateful for my clothes my food my shelter and im also grateful for weather.

  48. this week we were grateful for the fun days at school but it is sad because one of the teachers is leaving

  49. This Year im Grateful for My Teacher/School that they provide for me so i can have a good education:)

  50. i am geartful for you if we did not have you we would have been not doing work right because we have a big book about kiwi kids so i am so happy we have you guys thank you so much for being there for us and all the outher people around the world so i hope you love the comment and eveyone mack sure you are being goood tomorrow ok guys good bye for the last time in one day i gest bye

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