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  1. To learn from your mistakes, you need to think about what you have done wrong and practice at how to do it the right way. Then give it another go.

  2. Hi Lyds and Liam

    In room 9 and 10 at Hornby Primary School we learn from our mistakes by:-
    “Trying again” Lorenzo
    “Finding out what you did wrong and fixing it” Hazel
    “Reframing your mistakes into lessons” Ryder
    “Reflecting on it” Eric
    “Asking for help” Aaliyah
    “Getting advice from others” Kenzie
    “Talk to someone about it” Frankie

  3. You learn from your mistakes by getting back up trying again and not giving up

  4. How do you learn from your mistakes ?

    I learn my mistakes by trying a new strategies and if I can’t do it I ask a friend or maybe a teacher. Also when you make a mistake you need to see what you did wrong , then avoid doing what you made your mistake . . . . . a mistake.

  5. How can you learn from your mistakes?

    I say to learn from your mistakes you need to understand what you did wrong, then avoid doing what made your mistake… a mistake

  6. my answer to the secret question is not to repeat and try another sensible path

    Athur Miller School room 10
    210 Guppy road
    Napier 4112

  7. When you make a mistake you know not to do it next time because you can learn from it. Make the mistake part of your learning.

  8. I learn from by mistakes by tryting again aand again. I would also ask my teacher to help me.
    From K6 Emmanuel Chirstian School Kahikatea 6

  9. I have learnt by my mistakes by making them knowing what i have done wrong
    Room 6 Emmanuel christian school

  10. How do you learn from your mistakes?

    When faced with a challenge, one valuable approach is to embrace the notion that trying again can yield a different result. After making a mistake, it’s crucial to take a step back and reflect on what went wrong, seeking to understand the root causes of the error. This self-reflection helps us develop a deeper understanding of our actions and enables us to avoid making the same mistake in the future. Additionally, if we encounter a mistake, it’s essential to address it promptly and share our experiences and solutions with others. This sharing not only helps us grow but also contributes to a collective learning process, benefiting the community as a whole. Ultimately, accepting our mistakes as part of the learning journey and moving forward with newfound wisdom is a powerful way to progress in life.

  11. You learn by actually making the mistakes, asking what you did wrong, and correct it the next time. Don’t stress when you make big mistakes. Everyone messes up sometimes, just make sure to learn from them.
    From Kahikatea 6 (K6) @ Emmanuel Christian School.

  12. you can learn from your mistaks by trying something difrint and not giving up l2 south new brighton school 160 estery road.

  13. learning from your mistakes is basically when you fall down from a rock and you get up and the next time you will remember to watch out for that rock and will remember to get back up and keep going
    ( ;
    also i love this kiwi kids news its sooooo interesting and it has helped be aware of the world that is coming.
    siulolovao pua -year 8-ruawai college

  14. To learn from my mistakes I make sure that I don’t deny that I did it. I accept it and remember that next time I will try not to do it again. If I do it again I will try again next time and so on and so forth.

  15. I fix my mistakes by trying and trying again and if its hard then I set myself a goal and work towards that, and think about the possitive things not the negatives.

  16. The way you learn from your mistake is by looking at what you did wrong and making sure you dont make that same mistake in the future.

  17. Learning from your mistakes is easy as to recognize that it’s okay to feel vulnerable and Lets goo all blacks!!!

  18. I find that one of the best ways to learn from my mistakes is by going back and thinking about what I have done, and think of what Jesus would want me to do next, and then from there I would try my best to fix my mistake and avoid making the same mistake again.

  19. “Try again untill you win, and even when you win, don’t stop trying”
    -Sofana Jaffal Rm1 PNINS

  20. i forgot to take my water bottle from the beach after a while i went back and checked, it was not there so i learned that i should be more careful about keeping things.

  21. If you have been mean to someone say sorry or if it is something really bad try to remind yourself that you should not do it again and the people that witnesed it you should tell them that you wont do it again and remember to remind yourself to not do it again

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