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  1. At Awapuni School we use kind hands, kind feet and kind words. In the classroom we are kind to ourselves, kind to others and kind to our enviroment.

  2. What can you do to show maanakitanga in your classroom?

    1. Helping people when they are stuck on a question.
    2.Open the door for people when their hands are full.
    3.offer to do jobs when the teacher needs you to.

  3. In Room 13 at Central School we show ngāwari by showing our thrive values, friendly, generous and considerate! 🙂

    We show we are friendly in the classroom by being positive and using kind words.
    We show generosity by sharing and helping our classmates.
    We show consideration by understanding other peoples feelings and respecting their bubbles!

    We love to be kind in Room 13! 😀

    Mā tou ngāwari ka tinia te ao

  4. 3 ways of showing kindness is :
    Shearing our playing spaces with others.
    Supporting your classmates and school members.
    Holding the door open for classmate, teachers and adults.

    Room 1 Geraldine Primary School

  5. In Room 9 and 10 at Hornby Primary we show kindness by
    1. Helping others when they are hurt, upset or struggling
    2. Being inclusive of others if they are by themselves, listening to them in groups and respecting their opinions
    3. Speaking respectfully, keeping our hands and feet to ourselves and treating others as we want to be treated

  6. 1. People communicating and sharing ideas
    2. Being respectful of other peoples things and our classroom equipment
    3. Letting other people join in

  7. Here in Room 10 we believe to show kindness you need show empathy towards others, be caring and be collaborative, so make sure everyone is involved and feeling valued.

  8. im from waiti in mt pleasant school christchurch, and the three things are: including everyone, helping people understand their work, and making everybody smile, and this makes me feel warm and fuzzy whether im helping some one, or they’re helping me

  9. 3 ways you can show kindness in your class
    1. Help people when they struggle to do something
    2. Listen to the teacher when they are talking and don’t talk over them
    3. Smile at someone who looks like they’re having a bad day and ask them if they are okay.

    From PNINS Room 22

  10. Three ways you can show kindness in class are:
    – Helping a classmate with their work if they are stuck and the teacher is busy
    – Hold the door open when we go out to line up
    – Give someone a compliment, like if they’ve done some great writing

  11. 3 ways to show kindness in your class?

    1) getting stuff that people need.

    2)playing stuff like tag or having a sleep over.

    3)shearing your food with someone.

  12. At Pukepoto School in Room 4, 3 ways that we show kindness in our class are through our school values –
    Manaakitanga – we care about each other’s wellbeing. We will check that our friends are warm, and make sure that they have had breakfast at school. We take each other to the sick bay too, if we get hurt in the playground. We look after each other.
    Kaitiakitanga – we protect one another from things that others might be scared of, like bugs and spiders.
    Ako – We help one another to learn. If someone is stuck or finding something a bit tricky, we always offer to help because we’re a team.

  13. 1:Help your classmates when they are stuck
    2:Help handout the books
    3:Help clean up

  14. if some one asks for a pencil or pen say ok.
    If some one needs help say yeah sure.
    offer people help if they are struggling.

  15. What 3 ways can you show kindness in your class?
    1- Don’t talk back to the teacher, and follow simple instructions.
    2- Be nice and get someone their pencil, books or chromebook.
    3- Pick up rubbish or things off the floor even if it isn’t yours.
    Natalya Iyer 8ML Aurora college

  16. i think the secret question for three ways to show kindness in class would be 1:help others. 2:let others join in. 3:linsen to your classmates about the way they think and not be mean about it.

  17. Three ways we can show kindness in our classroom are:
    1. Make sure everybody feels included
    2. Helping someone when they are stuck with something
    3. In our classroom we have a saying which is Room One is COOL. This means we are collaborative, original, outstanding, learners. If we follow this, we are showing kindness.

  18. From Kotuku Unit in Otahuhu College (South Auckland)
    3 ways that we can show kindness in our classroom are:
    1. Celebrating our peers’ achievements and checking up on one another.
    2. Being friendly and respectful at all times, using supportive language.
    3. Actively listening to all, and engaging in classroom activities/ conversations.

  19. 1. Respect everyone and Be nice
    2. Use polite manners
    3. Listen to your teacher


    1. By bringing our friends to the sick bay when they are not feeling well.
    2. When someone is crying/ upset, we stay with them and help them to calm down.
    3. Following our Room Treaty of making each other happy by:
    – using gentle bodies
    – using kind words
    – listening when somebody is talking
    – avoid distractions
    – fill each other’s bucket of learning

  21. 3 ways to show kindness in class
    1) Helping a friend out with maths problems that they dont understand
    2) sharing our snacks with those who dont have anything to eat.
    3) sharing the classroom toys with others and not keeping it to yourself

  22. Three ways we can show kindness in our class.

    1. Have a caring attitude towards other students by helping them if they are stuck or not sure what to do.
    2. If someone asks to borrow something we can lend it to them.
    3. Introduce new students to other students and teachers and look after them.

    By Room 20 at Elm Park School

  23. 1. Helping out someone when they are struggling or hurt
    2. Sharing stationery and including people
    3. Standing up for people in hard situations

  24. Three ways to show kindness in class. Take turns and share our things. Listen to other kids ideas. a Make sure you say hello to new kids when they come in each day, and play with them at break times.

  25. 1. High-Fiving your classmates when you walk in
    2. Help you classmates when they need help
    3. Invite them to join your friend group if they seem lonely

  26. ° I can show kindness by helping my class mates
    ° I can show kindness by listing to my teacher
    °And by looking out for someone on there own

  27. Three Ways You Can Show Kindness in Your Class:
    -You could use manners. Saying please and thank you. And maybe even opening/holding the door for your classmates!
    -You can be supportive. Show your classmates that they can do it!
    -Be inclusive! Enclude others in your games! Even if you don’t know them very well!

  28. 1. You can show kindess by sharing your items/stationary to a friend or anyone in your class
    2. Using kind language to others
    3 and last but not least treating them the way you want to be treated

  29. Help a friend with their work if they are stuck or just helping in general
    clean up a mess even if you didn’t make it
    do classroom jobs for someone if they are sick

  30. 3 ways to show kindness in class.
    1. Be kind to others and be respectful.
    2. If others are upset try to cheer them up.
    3. Help you teacher and listen also don’t interrupt your teacher while they’re talking. Put your hand up when asking a question

  31. 3 Ways to show Kindness in your class are:
    • Include classmates in your games if they are lonely
    • Share with other classmates
    • Say please and thank you and give compliments

  32. 3 ways to be kind to your class
    • Use manners (Please and Thank you)
    • Be Respectful
    • Listen to others when they are talking

  33. . Lend a pencil or a pen
    . Help them with a worksheet problem
    . Say something nice to them

  34. I think that a way of being kind is to listen to your teachers and classmates other then talking over them, another way is to make sure your saying please and thank you! I think you can show kindness by letting a teacher or classmate go first whether your in a line or trying to get through a door.

  35. Flexibility is important in all ways, physical flexibility is important, you don’t need to be able to tie yourself into a knot, you just need to be able to do simple stretches without hurting any muscles/joints. Another form of flexibility is being able to deal with changes in your schedule without complaining.

  36. The children in Moturoa class think it’s important to be flexible because it helps to make your body fit and healthy. Flexibility helps your athletic ability because you can run faster and be better at athletics, such as pole vault. It’s important to stretch and show your flexibility before and after sport to avoid injuries and poor performance.
    You got to be flexible with your brain, such as to make changes to plans because anything could happen. If you are flexible it helps you live a good and happy life.

  37. 3 ways to show kindness in the class room
    1. Help someone if they’re stuck on a question.
    2.Tiding up someone’s desk if the have to leave school early.
    3. Cheer someone up if they’re sad.

  38. -10 ways you can be kind to your classmates! ( ;

    *You can show kindness by Helping out your classmates if they get stuck or confused.
    *Be nice to your teacher and don’t argue with them, Be helpful!
    *Use manners like Please and Thank you!
    *Hold the door for your classmates and teacher.
    *Include everyone in your games!
    *Say “thank you” to your teacher after school because they work hard to teach you!
    *Talk to your classmates if they fell left out and ask them if they want to hang out with you!
    *Lend someone a pen or a pencil if the don’t have one.
    *Let you classmates talk to you and don’t ignore them!
    *Do the right thing even if no one is watching!

  39. @Emmanuel Christian School,
    We can show kindness by giving out to others and helping others when they need it, we need to believe in God and try to live a holy life with him. If you see someone down help them up and show them peace and pleasure. Keep up kindess and show manners.

  40. 3 ways to show kindness in my class:
    # Pay attention to the teacher when she is talking
    # Pick up someones pen/pencil if they’ve dropped it
    # Help a classmate if they are stuck on a question

  41. 3 ways to show kindness in our class:
    1. help someone with their work if they are struggling.
    2. if someone is feeling sad , try to make them happy and feel better.
    3. if someone is lonely and no one to play with, ask them to join us to play and never leave a friend to be alone.
    4. Focus on others. Kindness puts others to respect our friends and classmates more we respect our class more we respect as positive.

  42. 1. Be nice to everyone around you.
    2. Listen to the teacher whenever she needs you to.
    3. Include people and try as much as possible

    – Room 12
    Rosehill intermediate school auckland

  43. 3 ways to show kindness in our classroom:

    1. Be kind and supportive of other students

    2. Use your manners and make others feel welcome

    3. Set a good example and be a role model to others

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