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Answer the secret question & go in the draw to win The Pizza Feast for your class. All on us!

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  1. Flexibility is important because it helps you to move more easily and helps with fitness and a healthy body.

  2. The difference between American cheese and normal cheese is, American cheese is processed and made from a blend of cheeses. Normal cheese is made directly from milk!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 From Room 13 at Gisborne Central School.

  3. Proper posture is key to spine health. Standing correctly takes pressure off ligaments and can prevent the onset of arthritis. Flexibility improves your ability to engage the muscles needed for correct posture. Muscles with low flexibility decrease range of motion; for example, tightened hip muscles pull your entire upper body forward

  4. Cheddar is hard, while American cheese is smooth and creamy. YUM

    Flexibility helps performance and posture, promotes efficient movement, prevents incorrect body alignment, maintains appropriate muscle length and balance, and decreases injury risk.

  5. Why is flexibility important?
    Our class thinks it is important to be able to be active and able to do daily tasks with ease like doing your hair, tying your shoelaces, vacuuming etc.

  6. Hey there!!!
    Flexibility is the ability to move muscles and joints through a full normal range of motion. Flexibility helps you be the best you can be, helps you have good posture, helps you move easier, maintains balance and also decreases injury chances.

    Te Ahi Kaikōmako Rolleston School
    Canterbury 7614

  7. Why is flexibility important?
    Heartfelt H from Manchester Street school thinks it’s important beacuse:
    * so you can be the master at limbo
    *so you can be the best in your gymnastics class
    * so your trampoline works!
    *growth mindset- open mind- is flexible
    *compliements so you can teach others
    *you can roll with change with change

  8. why is flexabilty important?

    if you get hurt your flexiabilty will help you
    so you can move around
    helps to stop injuries
    help to bend down to pick things up
    helps with your joints

    if there are any changes in your life you have to be flexabile to adapt

  9. I think flexibility is important because it helps decrease your risk of injuries

    From PNINS Room 22

  10. Hi Kiwi kids news!!! Room 13 from Central School here again!

    We thought the secret question was, “what is the difference between American cheese and normal cheese”! ☹

    We then carried on the video and you told us the secret question! We thought we had to find the secret question ourselves so we rushed ahead!!!! A lesson for ourselves, don’t rush ahead, take your time to do the mahi.

    Our actual answer is:

    Flexibility is good for your performance in physical activities, it helps reduce injuries and helps your joints move and helps muscle blood flow. We have been learning about this a lot recently with cross country training. 🙂 We are learning about stretching before and after cross country training to help reduce injuries!

    Thanks, bye!!!

  11. flexabilaty can Improve your performance in physical activities. Decrease your risk of injuries. Help your joints move through their full range of motion.

  12. flexiablity is important because without it we wouldn’t be able to do gymnastics, yoga and yoga is very important

  13. flexibility is important because without it it can be harder to move in certain times

  14. Kia ora InfoJam,

    Could we please have a shout out! We love watching you every Friday and we do a lot of work with Kiwi Kids News through the week. We love the way that you write about your articles and we find everything so interesting.

    In your latest video, the question was “why is flexibility important?”
    Our response: We think flexibility is important as it keeps us healthy and able to function properly. We want to make sure we exercise our bodies and use them to their fullest potential. We are a really sporty class and want to make sure we can be active in the best way possible. It is also relaxing, stretching our body and understanding the way we work is good for our hauora.

    Thank you, Room 7 from Gracefield School

  15. Why is flexibility important?
    Well in life it helps us avoid injuries and keep our body in overall better condition.

  16. So you can do lots of sports and do cool moves! This will help you not injure yourself and get arthritis later in life.

  17. The value of generosity is being kind, helpful and it can also mean donating money to people in need. Generosity can also mean just doing something for someone. For example if someone wants a book you could go and get it for them that is being generous.

  18. The value of generosity is being kind, helpful and it can also mean donating money to people in need. Generosity can also mean just doing something for someone.

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