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  1. I think generosity should be used in all situations. Especially when someone is in need and you are in a place where your able to share with others. Your generosity will also come back to you when You need it.

  2. It is a good time to give generous in all situations. It is more helpful to someone who needs it or if they are homeless.

  3. It’s good to be generous in all situations. Especially when someone is in need and you have extra.

  4. Schools and nonprofit organisations that need help with buying supplies for their cause or donating blood or giving time by being volunteer

  5. Visiting retirement homes and just talking to some people who don’t have many visitors.
    The world needs more generous people, it doesn’t just need money, you can give time, love, and care.

  6. It’s good to be generous in all situations. You could give someone food clothes or something warm.

  7. Schools and non-profit organisations need help with buying vans. Donating blood. Giving time and energy. Helping vulnerable, old, injured people.

  8. A good time you can you can spread generosity is if anyone is feeling down, sad or just having a bad day you can spread generosity by giving or being kind to someone you can give them anything to make them feel better it doesn’t have to be money it just has to make them feel better. It could be a family member or stranger just anyone

  9. I think your very good because you give us pizza that because we have a comment so I think this is good

  10. It’s good to be generous in any situation even if you don’t like the person. Being generous is like saying you have extra food you will give it to someone else. Be GENEROUS by giving other spare food or water ETC Byeee

  11. Room 4 at Awapuni school believe we should be generous to others every day, giving our time and help to those who need it. We also think it is important to be generous in times of emergencies and natural disasters to help those in need …Like when Cyclone Gabrielle hit NZ earlier this year.

  12. What type of situation is it helpful to show generosity?

    Well it come in many different form like giving stuff to people that don’t have much.

    Geraldine Primary School
    Room 2
    Mrs Leov

  13. Hi Info Jam,
    Our class had a discussion, here is what we came up with:
    ~ when someone is feeling sad or hungry
    ~when new neighbors move in
    ~ when you visit the hospital or rest home
    ~ when someone is fundraising for something important e.g. Jumping June
    ~ visiting friends and family
    Room 21, Waimea Intermediate.

  14. We should show generosity in all situations. We could show it during special occasions like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Christmas time, birthdays. We could give to people in need through food banks etc. We can be generous with our time and looking out for people that are alone. And we can be generous with our kind actions and kind words to others e.g: asking how they are going and encouraging them.

  15. You can show generosity when people need food, or when you see someone that needs something. Basically all the time!

    From Kahikatea 6 (Room 6) at Emmanuel Christian Schoo.l

  16. all times no matter what happens to you

    From K6 (Kahikatea 6) at

  17. An important time to be generous is times in need. People need obvious essentials to live in life, sometimes people can’t afford any of those things for them or for their family. One way to help this is by volunteering in a soup kitchen to give back and to give in general to the people in need. Emmanuel Christian School K6

  18. I think Generosity is about people are often thought of as those who donate the most money to charity

  19. If someone has no lunch, you could give them something from your lunchbox

    Room 1, Tapora School

  20. It is good to show generosity when other people don’t have as much as you or you have something you might be able to help them with.
    Room 4 – Tawa Intermediate School

  21. I think one of the best ways to show the value of generosity is when someones horse does a refusal and the rider falls off into the jump you can hope off your horse and help them.

  22. I think the best ways of showing generosity is to be nice and to help other people and help by donating to other communities and brighten up their lives

  23. I think generous people are always putting their hopes and dreams second and they always do there
    best to help other people achieve there dreams first.

  24. geniristy how ever you spell it is where you are really careious or how you spell it of how you feel might tho don’t really now

  25. The value of generosity is being kind, helpful and can also mean donating the most money to charity. Generosity can also means doing a good deed for someone.

  26. Heartfelt H would show the value of generosity by:
    * helping someone in need
    * give presents
    * donations for charity
    * join a community group that helps others
    * volunteering

  27. Question – in what type of situation is it helpful to show the value of generosity?

    Answer – when someone is hurt, when you lose, when someone is sad, donating money, organs or things to people who need it, when someone asks for help, when someone is lonely, when someone passes, when someone is lost, supporting people with small businesses, when they have hard times, when they are learning something, helping clean and replant our environment to help future generations.

    School – Heretaunga Intermediate School Room 9 – Miss Harris

  28. Generosity: In what type of situations is it helpful to show the value of generosity?
    1. at home when something may be going on -extra bills meaning not much spending money
    2. an upset child at school not getting what they need to continue
    3. something big has happened in your neighbourhood – people need support

  29. You can show generosity to people in many different ways such as:
    1. When someone is struggling you could give them a hand
    2. Sharing lunch when someone has forgotten theirs
    3. Organising and participating in fundraisers for a cause

  30. Generosity
    – if some one needs to borrow a pencil
    – when someone is having a bad day help them out
    – donating food to those in need ( We have a food bank donation scheme at the moment )
    – offering to help

  31. Room 10 at Arthur Miller School in Taradale believes that you can use generosity in all situations. Generosity doesn’t have to mean money it can mean giving someone your time and support.

  32. We like to show generosity by spending time with someone when they are feeling down. In room 13 we share our items if someone is need, like a pen, a journal or even kai. We think its important to be generous to those in need outside of school too, like giving blankets to the homeless and doing school fundraisers to support charities!

  33. room 3 rimu in nanae primary school
    you can help in alot of situations but the one i would say comfort someone and help out when they they need it.

  34. @Emmanuel Christian school Kahikatea 6 (K6)
    The person who volunteers at a soup kitchen serving the homeless​Buying a stranger’s wedding dress. …
    ​Ending a tough commute. …
    ​Helping a homeless Good Samaritan. …
    ​Buying someone a meal. …
    ​Giving away valuable things to you that will inspire others. …
    ​Leaving a huge restaurant tip. …
    ​Donating a massive cash prize. …
    ​Buying someone else’s groceries for them.
    Helping someone when they are down.

  35. Generosity is used a lot, it is very helpful to use it and in many ways too! Generosity is encouraged by your teachers, parents, adults and friends. Using generosity is a great thing and is a powerful thing too. Generosity is a really good value and we can’t live without it.

    School: Rosehill Intermediate School Class: Room 10 Teacher: Mrs Fourie

  36. Being generous is a good thing in any situation. We thought about sharing lollies, money, or giving people your time to share with them.

  37. hi, I am Sam and I am in room 3, Belmont primary school, Auckland

    I think you could be generous when you give a homeless person some money or food, to be kind and generous. I hope I get lucky and win the pizza feast. Bey ( :

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