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  1. Room 21 @ Waimea Intermediate think:
    Take your time
    Think about the pros and cons
    Discuss with people you know and trust
    Do what you would be happy having done to you

  2. In Room 13 we list the pros and cons and decide which one will benefit ourselves and others the most. 🙂

  3. Making a hard decision? I think making a hard decision would be like picking between a big bag of gummy bears or a big bag of chocolate squares idk if thats what you mean but i couldnt think of anything

    Room 4 Matawai School Gisborne

  4. rm 10 at Arthur miller school
    It’s hard to find the right choice
    my name is James BTW

  5. Us in room 10 at Arthur miller school think that sometimes the hard choice in the right choice at put others before yourself.

  6. How do you make a difficult choice – Our class (Room 10 at Arthur Miller School) thinks that making a difficult choice would think about doing something and making a good choice not to do the wrong thing. Sometimes doing the right thing is harder but it’s the right choice.

  7. a difficult choice is finding a choice

    this is from room 10 Arthur Miller School

    my name is Hank BTW

  8. Just imagine that your friend starts to bully someone and you want to tell on them because they’re being mean to someone , but you don’t want them to get in trouble either or they might hit you or something. But I think it is best to tell a teacher because I think that bullying is not ok.

  9. i believe that to make the right choice you need to understand good from bad, since you know good from bad the answer for this situation is obvious

    your friends start to ignore and say rude things to your new friend.
    what do you do to fix this?
    (A) Join in and be rude to her
    (B) play with your new friend to make them feel better

    If you know whats good/bad you will pick B, so to make a difficult choice always know the difference between good and bad.

  10. I sometimes make a guess or I put in as much hard research as I can to make a difficult choice

    From:Room 1 Tapora School

  11. How do you make a difficult decision?
    We think:
    Making a difficult decision involves following your gut, making sure that it feels right for you and the others involved while keeping your integrity. It always helps to explain your decision so that others can understand your perspective.

  12. Consider the pros and cons for both sides.
    Debate the pros and cons.
    Ask for other peoples opinions.
    Ask for advice from someone you trust.
    Find out more information from both sides of the choice.
    Think of the future (e.g. Is this still a good choice tomorrow, in a week, in a year or 5 years).
    Does this choice negatively affect other people.
    Look at the choice has been put in front of you – am I overthinking it?
    Does it align with our school tikanga (Curious, Connected, Courageous, Creative & Caring)

    This is how we make choices in W3 at South New Brighton School 🙂

  13. Room 9 and 10 at Hornby Primary think to make a decision you have to –

    Think through all the options
    Think about the outcomes
    decide on the best choice for that situation

  14. I think you should do the difficult right choice
    And my class number is room 15 16 Orewa primary school

  15. this is how you make a difficult choice Lyd and Liam you take all your courage and try it I mean there
    are 2 option chicken out or bravely try!!!!

  16. How do you make a difficult choice? When I have a difficult choice I write notes in a book for example 1 day ago I had to solve a really hard maths question and I figured it out by writing it down in my notebook.

  17. At the start of the year l had to make a difficult Choise of having a male rabbit or a female white or a female coffee colered rabbit. It was hard because they were all so cute! But I ended up buying the male rabbit because it was the cutest of the three.

  18. How I make a difficult choice is by seeing what is my type of personality is. For example you have to choose between two books my choice would be one that is more like me that I would like.

  19. This is how you make a difficult choice you take all your courage and you use it to do the difficult choice like maybe you need to buy something but if you do then you’ll use all your money. 15/16 orewa primary school

  20. I think the decision you should make is the one that you get the most out of it.
    I am room 15/16 Orewa primary school

  21. At the start of the year l had to make a difficult Choise of having a male rabbit or a female white or a female coffee colered rabbit. It was hard because they were all so cute! But I ended up buying the male rabbit because it was the cutest of the three!

  22. if i had a choice between pizza with pineapple and pepperoni it would be hard im in orewa rpimary room 15/16

  23. How do you make a difficult choice? Use your brain and get pizza over not getting pizza

  24. Consider if there are long term benefits or short term benefits.

  25. Kia ora Lydia and Liam,
    We had a big class discussion about this and we had many great suggestions! We decided that we would research and think about the qualities, level of enjoyment and impact of our options. We would also discuss the options with our family and friends and then choose based on how our gut felt about the choice we were making. So we would definitely not be making a rash decision but more of an informed process for making the difficult choice.

  26. How you make a difficult choice is when you waste your money on expensive things such as toys or roller skates

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