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Answer the secret question & go in the draw to win The Pizza Feast for your class. All on us!

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  1. Room 9 at Te Horo School think you should keep on trying when you feel like giving up. To do this you could ask for help from friends or family, find a different solution. You should hold onto your goals of why you are doing the thing in the first place and could think of the impact on other people such as your teammates if you give up. It may also help to think about role models such as Michael Jordan who have faced tough times or failure and never given up and what they have achieved as a result. Smile and try your best to continue.

  2. hi im from shs i really like watching info jam its really fun and interesting byeeeeeeeeeee

  3. Hey Room 9 @Te Horo School!
    What an awesome answer. Thanks for sharing your ideas and tips. Keep putting them into practice 🙂

  4. HI! ! ! !
    I’m Zahra from SHS I just wanted to tell you I love
    Info jam

    (P.S I’m in room 24)

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