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  1. Room 4 at Te Horo School think
    You could tell an adult, teacher or a friend what has happened. You could talk with others who are making a situation difficult. Take some deep breaths and try and calm yourself down. Sit and listen to the wind and birds to calm yourself. write or draw about the difficult situation. Maybe go back and check what you have done wrong and make it right.

  2. Kokako Kohanga at Manurewa Central School thinks to overcome a difficult situation you could…

    Ask for help from a friend, family member or another adult you can trust, even if you are scared. Take some time out to do something relaxing for yourself to help calm you. It might take some courage but you could talk to the person who is making things difficult for you and try and make things more positive. Try breaking the problem down into smaller parts to help to deal with it. And sometimes putting yourself in the other persons shoes can help to see a different perspective.

  3. How to overcome a difficult situation. Sometimes you need to walk away from the situation and tell an adult like your parent, school teachers or caregiver to help you decide what could be the best thing to do. No matter what happens you need to discuss it with someone you trust.

  4. To overcome a difficult situation, it may be helpful to talk to trusted adults and friends or to take some time to reflect on the situation. Sometimes it’s best to step away and give yourself space.

  5. In challenging situations, seeking the counsel of a trusted adult, friend, or guardian can prove beneficial. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, it’s important to seek help from someone you trust. This could be an adult, a friend, a guardian, or anyone else you feel comfortable talking to. It’s also a good idea to take a step back and collect yourself before making any decisions.

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