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Ideas for tasty school lunches

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It’s time to start the 2023 school year! Packing a healthy and tasty lunch for school can be a challenge, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some yummy lunch ideas to impress your friends and keep you full and happy all day:

Cheesy ham toasties
Macaroni and Cheese
Rice paper wraps
Marmite crackers
Pizza scrolls
Pita bread sandwich
Cheese quesadillas
Homemade sushi
Lettuce wraps
Trail mix
Boiled eggs
Nacho chips and guacamole
Chicken wraps
Mini charcuterie board
Cheesy meatballs
Pizza sliders
Lettuce rolls
Tomato pasta
Fruit skewers
Corn fritters
Mini hot dogs
Mini tacos
Homemade dumplings

So, which lunch will you choose for tomorrow? You could even have a fun competition in class to see who can bring the best and healthiest lunch or the most waste-free lunch. Get creative and have fun making your lunch!

Thanks to the team at NourishAppfor supplying this recipe. Make sure you check out all of their recipes on the NourishApp.

Once you have finished making this put a message in the comments section about how tasty these pancakes were.

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