Kia Ora, Tamariki

Matariki is the Māori name for the star cluster known as Pleiades.
The full name is “Ngā mata a te Ariki Tawhirimātea – the eyes of the God Tawhirimātea”. It is also the name for the Māori New Year celebration.

Traditionally, Matariki was a time to remember those who had died in the last year. But it was also a happy event – crops had been harvested and seafood and birds had been collected. With plenty of food in the storehouses, Matariki was a time for singing, dancing and feasting.

Matariki, or Māori New Year celebrations were once popular, but stopped in the 1940s. In 2000, they were revived.

Only a few people took part at first, but in just a few years thousands were honouring the ‘New Zealand Thanksgiving’. 

A special feature of Matariki celebrations is the flying of kites – according to ancient custom they flutter close to the stars.


What date is Matariki on?

The date of Matariki varies from year to year. Generally it falls within

Matariki Matariki resource National

How is Matariki celebrated?

Matariki is celebrated in a variety of ways. This

Why do we celebrate Matariki

Today Matariki means celebrating the unique place in which

Matariki Matariki resource National

What does Matariki mean?

The word Matariki has two different meanings.  Both

Matariki Matariki resource National

How do I find Matariki?

Matariki can be seen just before dawn around the winter


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