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  1. my neighbourhood would look more peaceful clean and feel like even more of a community

  2. I think there would be lots of people greeting each other. And also, at Xmas would be even better.

  3. I think if everyone were generous there would be fewer homeless/struggling people and it would be a lot cleaner.

  4. Everyone would be kind, no fighting, police wouldn’t need to fight crime and we would always listen to other peoples ideas. People would use manners.

  5. Hello, my neighborhood would be a lot kinder, and everyone would be helping each other and hanging out, and there wouldn’t be any police calls (unless in an emergency) Im at Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School in Room 23.

  6. wow what a cool week. I wonder how the people made such a huge mistake with the “bus sotp” how often that happens ?and how long did it take for them to notice?

  7. My neighbourhood would look clean and feel more like a community and it would sound peaceful and quiet 😀

  8. My neighbourhood would look nice and colourful . it would sound like birds singing when you wake up in the morning.and it would feel like a warm cosy blanket and you could do what ever you what like eat lollies and pizza every day.
    Thats what my neighbourhood would look like,feel like and sound like.

  9. Haha
    Lol this video is great. But you should be getting kids to come and do some of the talking in INFOJAM!!

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